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1. Begin with the end in mind - why do you want to invest in property?

Begin with the end in mind is one of the first principles of successful investment. It's about what property success should look like?

Generally when people invest in property they can be broken down into two groups:


SECONDARY INCOME - People who just want a better return on their money than they are getting in a bank. You want property to generate a secondary income to your main job and is a pension source:

  • The numbers - property investment has the potential to produce high returns on initial capital investment like no other investment vehicle.
  • Property gives the potential for annual net returns on initial capital investment of 8%-30%.
  • Comparing this to maximum returns of 3% from money in a bank, it is clear why property investment is so popular in the UK.


FINANCIALLY FREE - People who want property to be more than a side investment. You want property to replace your current income:

  • Travel - see new places.
  • Financially free - for you and your loved ones.

Of course, things will not happen just by thinking about them. If you visualize but don't act, you're just dreaming. The vision must be supported by a strategy, a plan to address it effectively.

2nd Principle - What is your property investment strategy?